The UltraWhite is a wool shedding, meat producing sheep.

Development of the UltraWhite breed started in 2005, when Dawson Bradford Snr saw an opportunity to breed a high performance, fast growing, low maintenance, wool shedding sheep called the “easy care”. As a prime lamb producer of Poll Dorset sheep for over 50 years and as Chairman of WAMMCO, Dawson was ideally placed to recognise the qualities required in a meat producing sheep and set out to breed a sheep capable of performing well across a wide and diverse range of climate and conditions.

So started the process in 2005 with the mating of a selection of Poll Dorset ewes from the stud flock to top White Dorper rams in order to breed a wool shedding composite sheep that was easy-care, hardy and a good do-er. It had to be hardy and yet able to perform at the highest level for growth when conditions were right for peak production.


UltraWhite Traits

High performance with mandatory performance testing (LAMBPLAN)
Good shedding ability
Good fertility
Good milking and mothering instinct
Low/moderate birth weights
Good growth
Good muscling
High yielding carcass across medium-heavy weight carcasses the right amount fat
Ability to maintain exceptional do ability and hardiness
Sound Structure
Easy care